The Material Science and Engineering faculty of the Technical University of Budapest researched the development of the Grade 5 ELI dental implant for an optimal method that produced adequate surface morphology for improved osseointegration. Depending on these results, the surface treatment procedure for Emotion Impant ® was improved.”

Implants that are manufactured by turnery are not suitable for reimplantation as it may cause complications. The osseointegration of titanium dental implants is critically dependent on the implant surface properties. Various surface modifications have been proposed in order to provide commercially pure titanium with bioactive bone bonding ability such as sand blasting and chemical etching, anode oxygenation, surface treatment with X-ray or a combination of all these methods. BME has been researching the efficiency and virtue of these projects.

We also have been conducting our own R&D projects, working with universities and research institutes in the field of implantology for several years now.