Cpmpany Profile

I am Dr. Árpád Schindler, the head of Schindler Dent and the Managing Director of Radix Ltd. First of all,  let me thank you for visiting our website. We believe that developing a long term relationship based on mutual trust is the key to finding a solution to your dental issue. Schindler Dent was founded by my father, Dr. József Schindler in 1990 and it functioned as a dental clinic.


As a result of technological development, a dental technology laboratory called Mosoly-Fréz Ltd. was founded in 2012 and Radix Ltd. expanded its activity in 2013 under a new name „Emotion Implant®”, a segment that produces dental implants and its other supporting products.

With the introduction of CAD/CAM technology, we are able to serve our customers from designing to manufacturing various dental products. The Milling Centers offer a full range of services that helps us to work with the highest level of accuracy and precision.” 

Our goal is to offer dental implants of  highest quality at all times. The use of advanced production equipment in the production lines allows us to constantly improve and accomplish impressive results in the field of modern implantology. All our products are subjected to strict quality control process.

Digital technology will be applied in everyday life which will help us to process our implants based on past experiences. This knowledge will be utilized for future developments.