About the system

Implant-abutment interface:

  • Ensures a secure fit between the abutment and the implant
  • Promises rotation-safe connection
  •  Consists of precise internal hexagon designed for anti-rotation
  • Provides secure, accurate and reliable abutment positioning
  • Reduces stress on abutment

„The self-cutting and self-tapping shape of the implant makes it function as its own drill.”


The double etched surface of Emotion Implant®  supports both micro- and macro-roughness to improve osseointegration and provide uniform titanium oxide layer all along the surface of the implant. (improved at BME ATT, Budapest).Chemical etching with hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid.



Etching produces micro-pores with sizes ranging from 3-7 μm on the surface.

The evolved surface of the implant is balanced all over the external geometry.

Emotion Implant®  has a surface roughness of Ra= 48,2 nm (analyzed surface: 25 μm2).